Spiritual blessing from Ashram

गुरु कृपा ही केवलम शिष्यस्य परम मंगलम

the abode of kindness -shri krishna

Vishwa Guru Bhagvan Shri Krishna

गीता मे हृदयं पार्थ गीता मे सारमुत्तमम्।
गीता मे ज्ञानमत्युग्रं गीता मे ज्ञानमव्ययम्।।
गीता मे चोत्तमं स्थानं गीता मे परमं पदम्।
गीता मे परमं गुह्यं गीता मे परमो गुरुः।।

गीता मेरा हृदय है | गीता मेरा उत्तम सार है | गीता मेरा अति उग्र ज्ञान है | गीता मेरा अविनाशी ज्ञान है | गीता मेरा श्रेष्ठ निवासस्थान है | गीता मेरा परम पद है | गीता मेरा परम रहस्य है | गीता मेरा परम गुरु है |

भगवान श्री कृष्ण

Kalyan A monthly spiritual magazine


Kayan is the largest circulated spiritual monthly magazine in the world.

Kalyan Spiritual Magazine

► Kalyan: A priceless treasure for your library
 is published in Hindi.


An enlightening magazine for happy, healthy, and respectful life with the quintessence of Saints Satsang, life of eminent people, health tips from Ayurveda and lots more.

The magazine is a digest of all thought provoking latest discourses of Saints on various subjects directing simple solutions for a peaceful life. The magazine also features news on happenings at various ashrams in past month, inspirational texts from scriptures/legends , practical tips for healthy day-to-day living balancing materialism by idealism, Bapuji’s answers to questions raised by seekers, disciples’ experiences etc.

Details of upcoming courses and events are also listed in every issue. This is a wonderful gem that keeps one close to Bapuji always. This Journal teaches the principles of Vedas, Puran and Upnishads in a very simple and pragmatic way and its articles appeal to people of all religions, ages, caste-creed, gender and social stratus. The magazine focuses on areas like spiritualism, culture, yoga and tradition.

Gita Saints is travelling across the length and breadth of India imparting spiritual knowledge to awaken the mankind and bring solace to the troubled souls. Kalayan (his message to entire humanity) which started with just hindi language is now being published in multiple languages like English, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Telugu and Oriya to reach the remotest corner of the country.


The mission of this launch is to give a flexible and anytime access of a magazine which unbundles the secret of how to live a good life in a world full of stress, fear , despair and anxiety. Reading even a single page will give a new insight to approach life with a right attitude.

We are accustomed to gifting people for their birthdays, anniversaries or just as a token of the love that we feel for them. Most of us would love to gift our loved ones something unique and meaningful. If you already a member of this magazine and have benefitted by reading its articles, spread its fragrance to your near ones on their special days. To contribute to the humanity as a whole, you can pass on the subscription of this book on your special days too. This would give you a real value of money rather than spending on transient gifts.

Thousand of candles can be lit from a single candle, so share this candle as much as you can to illuminate the world. Keep abreast with the latest developments and activities of the ashram with enlightening gems of wisdom by Pujya Bapuji with just a click now.

The Ten Guidelines for God-realization

One, who seeks to realize God, should assimilate these five rules in his day to day life.
1. One should cleanse one’s mind of the filth of bias and try to remain impartial. If one has to judge, one should be a little liberal towards others while being just towards one’s kin. This will safeguard the purity of one’s heart. Favouring one’s own kin makes the task of God-realization more difficult. In order to maintain peace and harmony in the family, one should avoid partiality and be fair towards all. This is the way to properly manage the affairs of the day to day life. Such impartial and affectionate conduct helps one attain success both in the material as well as in the spiritual world.

2. Keep your heart pure and innocent like that of a child. The truth is innate; falsehood is artificial and requires so many devious means to conceal it, and still it finally comes out in the open. Therefore, try to keep your heart like that of an innocent child. Don’t be too clever. Avoid artificiality. When guests arrive, offer them with affection even if it is only a glass of water. They will appreciate your straightforwardness. If you try to impress them with pomp and ostentation, your honesty and spontaneity will thereby be suppressed. You should neither try to impress anyone nor should you be unduly impressed by others. Deal with others knowing that both you and him are but manifestations of God. Your conduct then will become innocent like that of a child.

3. One should not entertain feelings of superiority or inferiority towards others on the basis of Varna, Ashram, caste or creed.

4. One should not waste one’s time and energy in futile disputes. Speak as little as possible in words full of pith and substance and keep away from controversial debates.

5. Steer clear of all activities, thoughts, detractors, friends and company, which hinder you from devotion to the Lord and from attaining divine enjoyment, divine bliss, divine capabilities and repose in the true Self.

If one observes these five rules of conduct in life, one can make good progress on the path to God-realization. So, these are the rules of worldly conduct. Then, there are 5 rules of spiritual conduct also, which an aspirant ought to observe for God-realization. These rules are:

1) Be compassionate towards all beings. In your heart of hearts, you should have a feeling of compassion for all, including a criminal. When the magistrate pronounces a punishment but with the well-being of the criminal in his mind, he not only attains the merits of carrying out his duty in right earnest but also gets his heart sanctified by the feelings of compassion and kindness towards the criminal.

2) Do not find faults with Saints, nor should you ever lend an ear to their detractors.

3) Maintain piety of your body as well as mind. Keep your body clean through bathing, etc. and purify the mind through japa and pranayama.

4) Don’t overstrain yourself, nor should you be slothful.

5) Don’t hanker after the transient and trifling sense objects. Even your spiritual and devotional practices should always be free from desires. Don’t pray to the Lord for fulfilment of your temporal desires; rather devote yourself to the Lord for the very sake of His love alone.

One who sincerely and diligently observes these rules of worldly and spiritual conduct, has his heart purified and a pure heart realises the Supreme Self readily.

Guru kripa hi kevalam shishyasya param Mangalam