Satsang leads to Divinity

Do you have association with Sat (the Ultimate Truth) in yourlife?


If you do, indeed you are very fortunate otherwise you lead
a pitiable existence for the bliss of truth is the only real bliss, the
knowledge of truth is the only real knowledge and the association
with truth is the only real association. All other associations are
unreal and useless. Many a lifetime has been wasted in worthless associations.
A child associates with fellow children; as he grows up, he associates with adolescents;
in school he is associated with school mates. After marriage he spends time with relations, spouse, in-laws. At work one is associated with colleagues and one also has association with neighbours, shop keepers (one shops with), fellow travellers and so on.
You are associated with someone or the other all the time; one does not live without associations. The associations certainly exercise a great influence on you knowingly or unknowingly and whether you like it or not.
But what is the result of all these associations? They simply mire one in delusion and attachment and subject one to the cycle of birth and death. Nevertheless there is one association, which can rid us of all sorrows, which can free us from bondage, which can do away with our error and consequent labour of believing that we shall be happy in the future or after attaining such and such goal or after going to such and such place and which makes us experience Absolute bliss, total happiness and immortality in our given
surroundings (conditions). That association is the real association or satsanga. All the other associations are unreal.You are bound to associate with others but you should protect yourself from vice in association.
What is the vice in association? The association that makes you slide into vices and sin for the sake of depraving worldly pleasures enjoyed at present or to be enjoyed in the future is ku-sanga or bad association. That which neither elevates nor degrades you is ordinary association. When you travel on your way to office or shop, you come across many people on the way but the association with them does not exercise any influence on you; the association doesn‟t create any bondage. The association with only those
whom you have attachment with or hatred to entangles you; it creates bondage for you.

Similarly, life too is a journey. No fellow passengers should leave an impact on you. People may get blessed in your company but you must guard against detrimental influences of bad or ordinary association. This circumspection is called discriminative insight or viveka

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