The River of Joy

Let flow the river of joy or ignite the fire of separation
Get the Best of Both Worlds !

You possess two very remarkable capabilities. One of them is joy and the other is dejection (the pang of separation). As you go on loving your revered Guru in your mind while talking to Him, your heart is thrilled with joy; and then the inspiration that emanates from the Guru
Tattva brings simply wonderful benefits. I, on my part, have gained a great deal by loving my Gurudeva. Let the river of joy flow and wash away all your karmas, sins, afflictions and ignorance. Or else, at times, ignite the fire of separation and let your jivaconsciousness
(ego-identity) or your samskaras burn in it. Such burning is similar to the roasting of the groundnuts, which, on being roasted, can be eaten, seen or even sold all the same, but they can‟t any more be sown in order to give rise to further generations thereof. Likewise, all your samskaras accumulated over numerous previous lives; once they are roasted in the fire of separation, they will lose their apparent reality with you and thus can not cause your rebirth. Just as the roasted grains do not germinate, so also the mind roasted in the fire of separation and the samskaras lying therein do not give rise to further births. While getting established in the essential Being of the Lord or Guru will get the internal organ roasted, the fire of separation will finally negate it.