Prahlada: The Great Devotee

Prahlada said, “O King of gods! I have no attraction or aversion to Mother Nature or its various modifications like pleasure and pain etc. born as they are of virtue and vice. At this juncture, I perceive no one as an enemy, nor do I see any one worthy of attachment as my offspring, spouse or friend etc. I desire not for the heavens nor for the earth or netherworld. “Virtue and vice, and their fruits-pleasure and pain, do not belong to the Atman. Therefore, I don‟t desire anything. But without repudiating this phenomenal world, I remain contented on the strength of Knowledge alone and being desireless, always repose in Supreme Bliss.” As Indra listened to these sublime and pithy precepts, he was enlightened of the true state of the great devotee Prahlada. Extremely mortified, he asked with humility, “O Prahlada! Kindly tell me the way I can attain the Knowledge and peace you have.”

Prahladji said, “O King of gods! It is
through the virtues of guilelessness,
awareness, self-restraint, equanimity,
purity and serving those superior in
Knowledge that one attains the Supreme
State of liberation. It is only through
realising one‟s true nature that one attains
Knowledge and peace. Whatever virtues
and vices you see in yourself and in me
are related to our natures.”
These pithy words of Prahladji contained
the Knowledge of Ultimate Truth. Indra
felt pangs of shame as he remembered
his own vices of guile and desire etc.

He sought pardon from Prahladji for his deceitful conduct and said, “Ascetic Prahladji! I had deceitfully taken away your Sheela; kindly accept it back. I give it to you as the Gurudakshinā in lieu of the invaluable gift of Knowledge you have bestowed on me. I humbly pray to you to please accept my invitation to visit the heaven and bless the people there.” After extending this invitation, Indra went back to Amravati and Prahladji, with his Sheela, left for Hiranyapur.
Howsoever hard one may try to harm the devotees of the Lord, they may appear to be harmed for some time, but their support, the Lord is so strong that no harm can ever come to them. Therefore in such circumstances, devotees of the Lord should remain patient like Prahladji and should devote themselves to the recollection and
contemplation of the Lord.

Excerpts from Rishi Prasad – Issue 179 Nov,