Dwell on the Lord’s name O my mind

O My Mind, as a Gurumukh
One is Mantra-japa and the other is Nāma-japa. In
Mantra-japa the force of the individual is the only
determinant, it needs to follow the prescribed procedure
and maintain the requisite purity but japa of Nāma or
Lord‟s name requires only the Bhāva, the force of the
Divine works behind it. Guru Arjuna Dev says,

„Dwell on the Lord‟s name, O my mind, as a Gurumukh, O Nanak,
you shall obtain countless joys.‟
Get yourself initiated by a Guru, be a Gurumukh and then do the japa of Lord‟s name. If one does japa of Nāma as Manmukh (one who follows the dictates of his mind), he gets the thing desired by his mind and loses the real benefit of Nāma-japa. However, when he does Nāma-japa as a Gurumukh, he doesn‟t fall prey to his mind‟s desires rather he
desires what the Lord or the Guru wishes him to have. And what does the Lord or the Guru wish us to have? The Lord and the Guru want us to have Supreme Bliss!

Gurumukh therefore attains Self-Bliss, in
comparison to which the pleasures enjoyed by
Indra, the king of gods, appear worthless not to
speak of the worldly pleasures.

„Where (in the yond) there is neither mother,
nor father, friend nor brother,
O my mind, there, only the Nāma, the Name of
the Lord,
shall be with you as your help and support.
Where there is utter wilderness and the terrible messengers of Death grind thee down,
There, the Lord‟s Name alone goes along with thee.
Where there is nothing but utter distress for thee,
There, the Name of the Lord saves thee in a moment.
By performing countless meritorious deeds, you shall not be saved.
But the name of the Lord washes off myriads of sins.

Dwell on the Lord‟s name,O my mind,
as a Gurumukh,O Nanak, you shall obtain countless joys.‟
(Sukhmani Sahib)

Nāma-japa has its own unique import. The incident pertains to a time when King Ramchand ruled Gwalior. In a village near Gwalior, there lived a ten-year-old boy named Tana. He could mimic the sounds of various animals and used this talent to guard his father‟s orchard.