Guru’s Message: Know the Goal and Purpose of Your Life

Guru’s Message: Know the Goal and Purpose of Your Life

Wealth, power or activity are not so important in the all round development of life as is the objective. Work as much as you may, but if you do not set a higher goal in life, the fruits of your actions will be transient and small. It will only lead you along the path to mortal existence. You may set a goal because those around you commend it and it appeals to you. But it is an altogether different thing to realize your real goal and become blessed. For what purpose has the Lord given us the human birth? – to know the purpose and pursue it with steadfast determination is the actual goal of human life. This human birth was not chosen by us. „The Lord Who loves the jivas unconditionally, out of compassion gives the human birth.‟ („The Sri Rama Charita Manasa‟: Uttara Kanda: 43.3)
If we fail to know the real goal, what shall we gain by pursuing some worldly aim? In our youth, we cherish lofty goals and yearn for them, „I will become a lawyer, a doctor, this and that…‟ And even if these are attained, there is still no sign of contentment or fulfilment in life. If the goal is not the Absolute Reality-God-it will never lead one to absolute happiness, absolute peace, absolute contentment and absolute fulfilment. It is better to set a worldly goal and pursue that than living aimlessly without a purpose. This is commendable, but blessed are they who are able to fathom the real purpose of life. Why has human birth been given to you? What do you want to do and what for? What shall you gain after all? The human life is full of troubles and obstacles yet it is considered to be supreme. Why? Man can so develop his discrimination and there is so magnificent a framework in the Indian culture for the development of your capabilities that you can attain to such heights as to make the Nirguna God (the Pure Consciousness, without attributes or form) appear before you as Saguna God (God in embodied form). Yes, you can make God your friend, son and even your disciple! Such capability and powers are verily lying dormant in you. If one sets the Supreme Goal of Truth Absolute Lord, He will get revealed within his heart as well like He did in the hearts of Great Gurus like Sri Adi Shankara Acharya, Swami Vivekanand, Pujya Swami Lilashahji Bapu, Sri Raman Maharishi etc.

Once you know your real goal properly, there isn‟t much difficulty in accomplishing it. It is not as difficult as accomplishing worldly goals. So what exactly is the supreme goal? Whether you are a Hindu or any other ; the Truth, Consciousness and Bliss Absolute Self, is the essential Being of all. Truth means the permanent Existence. You are eternal; even after death you exist. This is the Truth aspect of your being. The Truth aspect of God gives the power of activity. The Consciousness aspect of God gives rise to all knowledge. Whatever caste or creed you belong to, you all have some knowledge. Insects too have instinctive knowledge, without which they cannot survive. It is derived from the Consciousness aspect of God, while from the Bliss aspect, is produced joy and happiness. The common goal then of all, is to attain Sat-Chit-Ànanda. i.e. Truth, Consciousness, Bliss Absolute. How to accomplish it? We shouldn‟t be afraid of death nor should we intimidate others. We shouldn‟t be duped by others, nor should we deceive others. We shouldn‟t be distressed, nor should we distress others. If you know your real goal, you will be awakened into the divine Nature of Truth, Knowledge and Bliss Absolute. Who on earth doesn‟t want bliss, Knowledge and eternal existence? Everybody! You cannot become eternal as a wealthy businessman or moneylender. Therefore, the goal should be to realise That which is eternal and get immersed in the bliss thereof. You may say, „My goal is to find a suitable match and get married.‟ No, Your goal is not marriage; your goal is marietal happiness. However, human life is not meant for getting mired in sense-enjoyments. When does a man become unhappy? Man becomes unhappy when he gets taken with small things and objectives. Once he sets a higher Goal, that of God-realization, worldly achievements or losses become too small for him to count. If somebody aims at becoming an emperor, the gain or loss of one or two million rupees will not matter to him. But one will not get completely rid of misery even by becoming an emperor. Therefore, make it your only goal to awaken your true nature of Truth, Consciousness and Bliss Absolute. Do japa of the Lord‟s name and render sevā only for the Lord‟s pleasure. Make sure to carry out all your undertakings with utmost diligence. You should not allow your works of sevā to be marred by carelessness, dishonesty or irresponsibility. Do whatever you do, equipped with the virtues of prudence, honesty, responsibility and equanimity. Attachment and nepotism destroy our abilities. „This is my son and that is my brother‟s son. My son should get more than what my nephew gets.‟ This is favoritism born out of attachment. Our behaviour should be impartial. „Evenness of mind is called yoga.‟ (The Gita: 2.48)