Nectar of Gita

One with Malice Towards None…
How should a devotee of the Lord conduct himself if he wants to attain Supreme Bliss, the Ultimate Truth or the Knowledge of Brahman?
What is the hallmark of a devotee? One who believes and knows himself to be inseparable from the Supreme Self, the timeless „Purusha‟, is the best among devotees. What are the characteristics of such a supreme devotee? Lord Sri Krishna has said: „He who is free from malice towards all beings, selfless, friendly and unconditionally compassionate, rid of „I‟ and „mine‟, balanced in joy and sorrow, forgiving by nature –that devotee of Mine is dear to Me.‟ (The Gita: 12.13) The Lord says that the true devotee is without malice. He bears no ill-will even towards anyone who harms him. He beholds his Self in all beings. If one‟s mind gets completely freed from hatred, one becomes the supreme devotee. Being free from hatred and hostility is the first characteristic of a devotee. Then, the Lord elaborates, “My devotee is friendly towards one and all. By knowing what is truly good, he works towards the welfare of all, just like a true friend. The true devotee is full of compassion towards the miserable & downtrodden. He is a source of solace and sympathy.