Life Energy & Spiritual Music

Development of Life Energy
The Effect of Music:
The classical music composers of the world are generally found to have a longer life span. The mystery behind it is that the music raises the life energy. Not only can one get this benefit by listening to music, but one also gets the benefit even when the ears are plugged, because the sound waves of the music vibrate the listener’s body which also raises the life energy. Thus music is useful for sound health too.

The natural sound of waterfalls and streams also enhances life energy, as do the chirping and singing of birds. There is an exception to this rule however. The popular rock and pop music of the western world actually diminishes the life energy of the performer and the listener. Dr Diamond proved through experiments of biokinesiology that the deltoid muscle of an ordinary man’s hand can lift 40-45 Kg of weight, but where rock music is being played, then its capability to lift weight gets reduced to only 10-15 Kg. Thus rock music diminishes the life energy, whereas the sound of pure, pious, classical music and natural sounds raise the life energy.

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from Rishi prasad

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