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Three Points for You

One must strive to eradicate his faults. Just root out those faults or thoughts of your mind, intellect and chitta that are keeping you away from the supreme Self, the Guru Tattva or liberation.

But how does one root out his faults? A question may arise; and the answer is – wake up in the morning before sunrise, sit on a woollen mat facing the east, take a deep breath and while chanting Hari OM, make a mental resolve of eradicating your fault, as if hitting it with the mace of the mantra. Take one demerit at a time and while chanting – Hari Om… Hari Om… Hari Om… practise autosuggestion „O defect! You are insentient and I am Consciousness. Today, all day long, you will not prevail in my life.‟ Make a resolve for a single day at first. And when you succeed in maintaining your resolve for one day, make a fresh resolve for two days… and then four days, thereby increasing the period of your resolve with your increasing success. Well, I shall tell you yet another technique to remove your faults. If you venture to remove your fault considering it your own, and thinking, „I am eradicating it,‟ it will take fairly long time and need great labour. And even if you succeed in removing it, the risk of being overcome with egotism is always there. A failure on the other hand will only frustrate you. But if you locate the fault to be where it is and try removing it by getting established in your God-consciousness or the Guru Tattva, it will become very easy. So don‟t consider the fault to be in you. „The fault is in the body, in the intellect, the mind and my samskaras. The samskaras are purged of the faults. I am the eternal son of my Sadguru, Who is Narayana Consciousness free from all faults.‟ –with the help of such considerations eradicate your faults and get established in the essential Guru Tattva or Atma Tattva. Thus you will succeed in eradicating the fault without developing egotism. And even if you fail for some time, you will not be disappointed. In the morning, midday or evening –whenever you get time, just apply this technique and remove each and every fault of yours until they are completely uprooted. Don‟t you apply some technique to remove a thorn that has pricked the sole of your foot? Yes, you do. There are various methods to remove it –whether you do that by applying pressure onto either parts of the affected area, or using a sharp needle or some suitable forceps. And in case all these measures fail, apply a poultice prepared from turmeric and jaggery. This will cause swelling of the affected part and thereby facilitate removal of the thorn. Similarly, if you try removing your faults by applying the poultice of some vrata or spiritual discipline to your life, it will bring you success.

Excerpts from Rishi Prasad – Issue 179


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